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Birthdate:Nov 2
Full name: Ryutaros (Inhabiting the body of Ryotaro Nogami)
Aliases: Dragon Imajin, Ryuta
Canon from: Kamen Rider Den-O
Canon type (movies/books, etc): TV Series
Age (approx if not sure): 10 (but looks 17)
Gender: Male
Link to picture of character (if possible):

Point in time when character has been taken from canon: End of series/Post Movie 3

Character History:

Although he is the fourth-appearing Ryotaro-contracted Imajin, he in fact possessed him at the same time as the second Imajin, Urataros, and simply hid there until he felt like acting. His reason for possessing him: Kai had promised that if he killed Ryotaro, he would become Denliner’s conductor. The only reason he stopped was Airi, Ryotaro’s older sister, whom he had developed a crush on, and decided then and there that Ryotaro dying would make her cry, so he decided to break off from Kai.

Ryutaros would make several contributions to the team as time went on. He discovered the bird Imajin, Sieg, who would help in several instances (and infuriate pretty much everyone but himself the rest of the time). When his link to Ryotaro was weakened due to a bout of amnesia in Ryotaro, he was saved from fading out of existence by the renewed memories creating the K-Taros, keeping the link alive. He was also responsible for designing the Denkamen Sword, which allowed Ryotaro to access all the Imajin’s powers, when their ability to possess him while in the past was severed. He, as well as the other Imajin, were also able to access their own Den-O forms on several occasions, including their battles against the Ghost Imajin and Kamen Rider Gaoh. He also enjoyed a stint as a police officer, as part of the Den Police, searching for a stolen spare Den-O belt.

Kai eventually revealed himself as the leader of the evil Imajin, and contacted Ryutaros, and convinced him to help him dispose of Zeroliner, which he knew Ryutaros would help with, due to the fact that Yuuto Sakurai (a past version of Airi’s vanished fiancée) ran it. What Ryutaros didn’t realize is that Kai would also take control of Denliner and try to destroy both. He gained more respect for Ryotaro, when his host stood up to Kai for him.

When Kai decided to launch a full-on assault on the past and present, so that hisown future would be set, the other Imajin started to leave, which made Ryutaros scared, since it was a sign that they were going to die soon. But in the end, he garnered the courage to help in the final battle, and helped defeat Kai. But, unlike what Kai had predicted, the good Imajin were spared death, and celebrated with Ryotaro in the end. He continues to live on Denliner to this day…

Character Personality(please also include how the stress of incarceration and the Warden's interference may affect your character. We realize that character interaction may influence and change this, however, certain aspects of your character's personality may be considered constant):

Ryutaros is a kid. A very hyperactive one. He does pretty much what he wants, when he wants to do it, and will ONLY listen to those he looks up to/cares about, which during the series is restricted to Ryotaro’s older sister Airi (who he lovingly refers to as Nee-chan). He enjoys drawing and adores animals (in particular puppies and kittens). He is obsessed with music and breakdancing, to the point where the dancing is even part of his fighting style, and he will even walk to the beat.

He also overdoes things quite a bit, often to the point where he is uncontrollable to everyone, including his fellow Imajin, or his own host. One such example is when he was part of the Den Police, and while on the search for Negataros’ Evil organization, he simply began to terrorize every suspicious-looking person in sight, and began arresting them based solely on that fact.

Physical Description:

Normally, Ryutaros is a humanoid dragon (chinese-style) Imajin, wearing a long purple trenchcoat. But, since he is stuck in his host, Ryotaro’s body, he looks like a thin, kind of weak-looking Japanese teenager, with shoulder length hair. While possessed, Ryotaro gains violet eyes and a long violet/black streak of hair down part of his bangs.

The majority of the time while possessed, Ryotaro will be dressed with a ball cap and a set of headphones, as well as in the style of an 80’s break dancer, all due to Ryutaros’ influence.

Magical powers or special skills:(Please indicate which powers/skills are natural/born with talent and which are learned. If the powers are a mixture of both, please indicate and explain. IE: Harry Potter has natural magical powers, but cannot control/use spells without being taught).

Natural Abilities: Able to take control of mass amounts of people with the snap of a finger, usually just to make them dance with him. As a result of the sheer magnitude of his powers, he is highly resistant to suggestion (though this doesn’t stop people from outright lying/using his childishness to convince him of course), almost to the point of immunity. This is also a factor in his ability to stay in Ryotaro’s body despite the other Imajin that try to push him out (even all three at once).

As Den-O: After using the Denliner pass on the henshin belt, Ryutaros accesses the Den-O Armour, in a dragon motif. It vastly enhances his strength, speed, and defense, and allows the Dengasher to be combined into a high powered handgun. Using the pass again on the belt will charge the shot of the gun into a massive burst of energy, named the Wild Shot (usually used as a finishing attack).

Den-O stats (Gun Form):
· Punching power: 6t
· Kicking power: 10t
· Maximum jump height: 42m
· Maximum running speed: 100/4s

Interests (3):

breakdancing music drawing, hiphop, kittens puppies funny birds
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